An open letter to my followers,

Dear Followers,

It has a been a long time since I updated this blog. I became so busy in my task as a mom and a virtual entrepreneur at the same time. I want to give you some updates regarding my Journey in “Learning and Earning Later”. I am almost there. I am more empowered to continue my Journey. Let me share to you my new blog.

Here’s the link.

Take time to visit it, I will wait for you there. Let’s go forward and have a brighter future.

Thank you for your continuous support.


Your TerrificmomVA


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MS Excel Guide For Beginners

ms excel

Our company had an opening for a Workforce Analyst position. One of their requirements was to be knowledgeable in MS Excel. My teammates and I were so excited to be part of the new team. Suddenly, we grab our computer and had  a quick review on how to use MS Excel. It was really fun.

I just realized that you will never know when one of your basic skills will turn into an asset. That’s why I am sharing  a quick guide for people who would like to have a quick glance in using MS Excel 2007. Who knows it might help you in the future.

Check out my Tutorial.

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How to Create your Social Media Account


One of my friends asked me a favor if I can create her a facebook account. I never thought that there were still people that doesn’t know how to create a social media account.

This is why I came up for this quick tutorial.

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Sitting is a New Killer

Sitting is a New Killer

This informs bloggers like me that we have to take time to still have an active lifestyle even where busy working with our computers.

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Are you a nature lover?

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Discover the Natural Beauty of Romblon featuring Kipot Falls

This video shows one of the promising tourist spots of Romblon Philippines.

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Limited Offer on First Equity Only Discount

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